“CK Ingredients has proven time and time again to be an important resource for innovative compounds that are in demand in today’s nutraceutical marketplace.”

Frank Lucchetta, Executive Vice-President, Jamieson Laboratories

“For over thirty years, our business has been built on a foundation of meaningful, market-relevant information.  Our business depends on a perpetual stream of R&D that blends marketing appeal with scientific validation, and CK Ingredients is a partner in delivering innovation.  We depend on the CK team for ingredient ideas that feed our appetite for product development.”

Robert J. Carscadden, President & CEO, Trusted Health Group

“CK Ingredients has been a long-standing supply partner to La Rocca for many years.  In our experience, they are a highly reliable company that goes to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Michael Givens, President, La Rocca Creative Cakes

“CK Ingredients is more than just a raw material supplier.  They have experienced and knowledgeable staff that act as a third-party consultant to our New Product Development and Marketing teams.  They appear to be on top of industry trends and share their findings with Platinum Naturals staff.  They understand our needs, problems and get to the point without wasting our time.  They are a highly professionally-run business.”

David Khang, President, Platinum Naturals

“CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products enjoys an excellent relationship with the team at CK Ingredients.  Product innovation is vital to our long-term success and CK is an important contributor to the process.”

Franco Salituro, President, CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products

“CK Ingredients is so much more than a provider of superior health ingredients.  They are vastly knowledgeable about the industry and ingredients (both those that fall within their portfolio and out), adding valuable insight to every discussion.  They provide their clients with innovative solutions, ideas and continued support on how best to leverage the scientific, regulatory and product claims for their ingredients to create unique and highly marketable products.  They are more than merely a supplier; CK Ingredients is an invaluable partner for creating success stories on the shelf.”

Kelly Shone, Director of Marketing, Weider Nutrition Group Canada

“CK Ingredients has been a solid and consistent product development resource for our company.  Their talented team has assisted us in creating a number of winning products.  We encourage and harness their fresh, creative, out-of-the-box thinking.”

Tobias Donath, VP Sales & Marketing, Backerhaus Veit Ltd.

“CK Ingredients consistently provides our company with innovative concepts and raw materials of exceptional quality, performance and value.  This offers us an important advantage in the fiercely competitive market within which we operate.”

Eric Kimmel, Vice-President, Noble Foods Inc.

“CK Ingredients adds value to our business by bringing innovative ideas to the table.  We continue to leverage them as a resource in Product Development.”

Joop De Voest Jr., President, Hollandia Bakeries Limited

“CK Ingredients has been a trusted supplier and advisor to the Reena Group for many years.  They are consistently at the forefront of nutrition industry trends, and bring innovative products and ideas to our organization on a steady basis.”

Christian Sood, Vice-President, Reena Group

“First Spice has an excellent working relationship with CK Ingredients.  CK has introduced numerous ingredient innovations to our company over the years, innovations that have helped us to add value to our product development function.”

Frank Steduto, Operations Manager, First Spice Mixing Company 

“Cyvex has been aligned strategically with CK Ingredients dating back to 2007.  Since that time, they have been able to expand our Canadian natural products business substantially despite challenging economic conditions.  We look forward to continued mutual growth and prosperity in the years ahead.”

Matt Phillips, President/CEO, Cyvex Nutrition

“Novus Nutrition Brands and Stratum Nutrition have ambitious growth plans for the human nutrition market and this includes Canada.  Partnering with CK Ingredients in the Canadian market has been a good decision for us – they are branded ingredient specialists and possess the high-level skills that are necessary to successfully promote and sell innovative science-backed raw materials.”

Jeremy Moore, President, Novus Nutrition Brands

“CK Ingredients has delivered stellar results for ESM in the Canadian dietary supplement market.  We laid out very ambitious targets for our NEM® natural eggshell membrane joint ingredient in Canada and CK has managed to exceed those targets by in excess of 20%.  We look forward to many more years of mutual growth and prosperity.”

Chris Haynes, Director of Sales, ESM Ingredients

“QualiTech and CK Ingredients have created a unique and value-added business partnership, with our focus always on the customer.  CK’s knowledge and understanding of the Canadian food market are second-to-none.  The synergies and product offerings, coupled with consultative selling, solid and productive business relationships, have allowed QualiTech to be a value-added provider into the Canadian market.  We could not achieve this without the help and support of CK Ingredients.”

Rudy Roesken, General Manager/Corporate Vice-President of Food Ingredients at QualiTech

“Michael and the team at CK Ingredients have proven themselves to be an excellent partner for Benexia.  They have deep relationships in the Canadian food industry, understand the sales process for value-added health ingredients, and operate with complete transparency – something that is rare among distributors.  We are very pleased with the way they represent us our business in Canada.”

Juan De Salas, Sales & Marketing Director at Benexia Chia

“NHP Consulting has been a trusted regulatory advisor to Michael Chernyak and CK Ingredients for many years.  We are very impressed with the consistently high level of scientific and regulatory due-diligence that they undertake prior to introducing an ingredient to Canada.  CK’s clients can be assured that they are receiving raw materials that have undergone a rigorous scientific and regulatory review, which can make the difference between success and failure in the Canadian NHP market.”

Brian Wagner, President, NHP Consulting

“Partnering with CK Ingredients in Canada on our K-Pure® mineral range was a very logical decision for Kelatron.   They are highly adept at marketing premium quality raw materials and share in our customer-is-king mentality.”

Dave Johnson, Vice-President Business Development, Kelatron Corp.

“CK Ingredients has been and continues to be a fantastic partner for NutraGenesis and our family of affiliate companies.  Their knowledge and experience in the Canadian marketplace is second-to-none.  CK’s steadfast commitment to quality, evidence-based ingredients coupled with excellent customer service mirrors our own corporate core values and beliefs.  I would highly recommend the team at CK Ingredients if you are looking for the very best distribution partner in Canada.”

Heather Bennett, Strategic Sales Manager, Kelatron Corp.